Neko Health Raises €60m Series A

Neko Health Raises €60m Series A to Fast-Track the Transition of Preventive Health, with Investment from leading European & US Investors

  • After a successful launch in Sweden with overwhelming demand, the company is looking to expand across Europe

  • The technology can play a significant role in shifting the healthcare system from reactive symptom treatment to disease prevention 

  • Brings in external partners and financing for the first time 

Stockholm, Sweden, July 5th, 2023 – Neko Health, the preventative health care technology company co-founded by Hjalmar Nilsonne and Daniel Ek, has today announced the completion of a €60 million Series A funding. This is the first time the company has brought in external capital and the investment was led by Lakestar, with participation from Atomico and General Catalyst. As part of this round, Klaus Hommels (Lakestar) and Niklas Zennström (Atomico) will join the company’s board together with the founders. The funding will help accelerate Neko Health's strategic plans for expansion, continued investment in R&D, clinical studies, and recruitment of world-class talents.

Neko Health’s vision is to create a healthcare system that can help people stay healthy through preventive measures and early detection. Neko Health has developed a new medical scanning technology concept to make it possible to do broad and non-invasive health data collection that is quick, convenient and affordable. 

"Healthcare costs are spiraling out of control. We believe preventive health will be key to reversing this trend. Doctors today just don't have enough time or resources to focus on prevention. This leads to many health problems going unnoticed until they get really serious, causing a lot of pain and putting a massive strain on the healthcare system.” said Hjalmar Nilsonne, CEO and co-founder of Neko Health. “We've demonstrated that our unique approach to this problem resonates with people – that there's a genuine need and desire for this change. This strong demand is what's driving us to expand our horizons. To accelerate this, we're partnering with external investors for the first time. It's time to create the healthcare future we want, for ourselves, and for future generations.”

The scan takes approximately 10 minutes to do, always followed by an in-doctor's consultation where you get all the results and recommendations instantly. It uses over 70 sensors to collect 50 million data points in minutes and can for instance detect skin changes as small as 0.2 millimetres*. The technology at hand is intended to assist doctors in detecting disease earlier including skin conditions, skin cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and other metabolic syndromes.

When it first launched earlier this year in Stockholm, Sweden, Neko Health sold out all the slots in less than two hours. The enthusiasm for its preventative approach to healthcare remains high, with over 10,000 people currently on the waiting list and a rebooking rate of 80% after the initial scan. This shows that the vast majority of its members choose to make this part of their annual health routine.

The Neko Body Scan experience is currently only available in Stockholm but will soon launch in clinics across Europe. By signing up to the waitlist today people can be guaranteed to be the first to have access as Neko Health expands:

How the Neko Body Scan experience works:

  • A full body scan takes 10 minutes and always followed by an in-doctor's consultation.

  • More than 70 sensors collect 50 million data points in minutes. Neko’s Body Scan can for instance detect skin changes as small as 0.2 millimeters*.

  • The patient gets access to a summary of their health data in an app where they can also follow their health trend. 

  • A scan costs €250. 

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* Certain sensors are part of our clinical studies. For more information visit:


About Neko Health: 

Neko Health is a Swedish health-tech company co-founded in 2018 by Hjalmar Nilsonne and Daniel Ek. Neko's vision is to create a healthcare system that can help people stay healthy through preventive measures and early detection. This requires completely reimagining the patient's experience and incorporating the latest advances in sensors and AI. Neko Health has developed a new medical scanning technology concept to make it possible to do broad and non-invasive health data collection that is convenient and affordable for the public. The company is backed by Prima Materia, Lakestar, Atomico and General Catalyst, and is based in Stockholm with 38 employees across Europe. 


About Prima Materia: 

Prima Materia, founded in 2021, builds, grows, and owns companies for the long term. Through its companies, Prima Materia advances ambitious technological and scientific innovation to solve the world’s biggest challenges and help society progress towards a better future. 


About Lakestar: 

Lakestar is one of the leading pan-European venture capital firms. Lakestar’s mission is to find, fund and grow disruptive businesses that are enabled by technology and founded by exceptional entrepreneurs in Europe and beyond. Founded by Klaus Hommels, the team’s early investments include Skype, Spotify, Facebook and Airbnb. Since raising its first fund in 2012, Lakestar manages an aggregated volume of over €2.8bn across three early stage funds and a growth fund.

The team actively advises and supports portfolio companies in marketing, recruitment, technology, product development and regulatory insight, accompanying founders from seed to early stage, growth stage or exit. Lakestar currently has the privilege of holding investments in Revolut,, GetYourGuide, sennder, Eigen,,, Uncapped, Yapily, Terra Quantum, IsarAerospace, accuRx, Rhino, ZEBEDEE and Hometogo to name a few. A long-standing champion for Europe’s digital sovereignty, Lakestar has a presence in London, Berlin and Zurich with a team of 60 talented individuals from 18 countries.


About Atomico:

Atomico is not a traditional venture capital firm. Founded in 2006, we are built by founders for founders. Every single aspect of Atomico, every part of our culture, is designed with the ambition of helping founders succeed. We believe entrepreneurs are the ultimate agents of positive, transformational change across every aspect of our society and economy. Our mission is to spur this progress forward. It’s why we’ve partnered with over 120 of the world’s most ambitious founders, including those at Supercell, Stripe, Graphcore, Healx, Jobandtalent, Klarna, Lilium, MessageBird, Gympass, Pipedrive and Aiven. Atomico's team of founders, investors and operational leaders come from growth success stories such as Skype, Google and Twitter through to Snowflake, Revolut, Farfetch and Wise.


About General Catalyst:

General Catalyst is a venture capital firm that invests in powerful, positive change that endures — for our entrepreneurs, our investors, our people, and society. We support founders with a long-term view who challenge the status quo, partnering with them from seed to growth stage and beyond to build companies that withstand the test of time. With offices in San Francisco, Palo Alto, New York City, London, and Boston, the firm has helped support the growth of businesses such as: Airbnb, Deliveroo, Guild, Gusto, Hubspot, Illumio, Lemonade, Livongo, Oscar, Samsara, Snap, Stripe, and Warby Parker.

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