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The Neko Body Scan is a preventive health check for your future self. We check the moles on your body, the overall health of your heart and arteries, your blood sugar, cholesterol levels, and a whole lot more in just a few minutes.

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A Better Health Check. Finally.

Combining advanced technology with our own doctors enables us to conduct a comprehensive examination, helping you stay ahead of your health. Our unique non-invasive scan maps millions of health data points on your body - both inside and out - in just a few minutes.

Detect. Prevent. Relax.

Your body is constantly changing. We check for high blood pressure and other risk factors for stroke and heart attack - along with blood fats and blood sugar levels, to assess pre-diabetes risk. Additionally, we check for skin cancer and blood abnormalities.

  • Instant results including bloodwork

  • Detect early signals that often go undiagnosed

  • In-person doctor’s consultation

Giving you peace of mind

Say goodbye to the days of anxious waiting. In under an hour, the Neko Body Scan will give you a comprehensive health check, with instant results, that otherwise may take you weeks or even months to complete.

  • We check and record the moles on your body

  • Perform a comprehensive examination of your heart and arterial tree

  • We provide instant blood results for your blood values, including hemoglobin, high-sensitivity CRP, cholesterol, LDL, long-term blood sugar (HbA1c), and many more

Unrushed Doctor's Consultation

Immediately following your scan, you will receive a personalised consultation with one of our doctors who will personally walk you through your results and answer any questions you may have about your health. All medical diagnoses and decisions are always made by the doctor.

  • Review your results with a doctor

  • Dedicated time to ask questions

  • Establish next steps and health goals

Stay ahead of the curve

Having a Neko Body Scan allows you to track your health over time and unlock trends to make better lifestyle decisions.

  • Follow how your health changes

  • Understand your health trends and optimal ranges with a baseline scan

  • Benchmark yourself with your peers

The whole visit takes less than an hour, at a cost of only 2500 SEK

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The Future is Prevention

Since 2018, Neko Health has dedicated years to research and development. We believe that new technology will play a key role in transforming healthcare towards a more preventive approach. That's why we invest heavily in clinical studies and develop our own tools to enable this future.

Ahead of your health

Becoming a member with Neko Health, you will be helping pioneer the future of health, receive a personalised health data profile that you will be able to track over time, and access all your results from anywhere and share them with doctors or family.

What are others saying?

Superb experience, from start to finish. It truly felt like the healthcare of the future. Advanced measurements and sensors, the design of the premises, the staff's approach, and the visualization and reports afterwards. 10 out of 10.


Finally, an absolutely fantastic solution to get all the results in one visit. By having annual checks and comparisons, one can see changes and detect unwelcome health conditions early. You get a thorough analysis of your health status by a doctor.


The most complete health examination I have been to. Incredibly competent doctor who immediately talked about all the tests, results, and analysis. So amazingly interesting and exciting to be able to follow one's health over time. Extra fun that Neko is close to research and collects data also for the future!


A check-up that everyone should do annually. For a small fee, you get a relatively comprehensive health check. Moreover, the staff is very competent and pleasant. Highly recommended.


What's Included?

The biomarkers we measure during a scan.

  • Heart & circulation

    • ABI ankle brachial index

    • Ankle pressure left/right

    • Blood oxygen

    • Blood pressure left/right

    • ECG

    • Heart rate

    • Heart risk scoring

    • Heart sounds

    • Respiratory rate

  • Blood values

    • Basophils

    • Cholesterol

    • Colesterol/HDL ratio

    • Eosinophils

    • Glucose

    • Haemoglobin

    • HbA1C

    • HDL

    • High sensitive-CRP

    • LDL

    • Lymphocytes

    • Neutrophils

    • Non-HDL

    • Triglycerides

    • White blood cells

  • Body

    • BMI

    • Eye pressure left/right

    • Grip strength left/right

  • Skin

    • Dermoscopy

    • Full skin exam

  • Doctor’s consultation

    • All medical diagnoses and decisions are always made by the doctor

Scan Facts

Our doctors perform all medical assessments and use the following tests and equipment:

It is always voluntary to participate in our studies, but a requirement if you want to get the full Neko Body Scan experience.

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