Leadership, Quality and Patient Safety

Hjalmar Nilsonne
CEO, Member of the Board

Andreea Valdman
Operations Manager, Physician
Medical Director

Quality and patient safety

Neko Health follows the National Board of Health and Welfare's (Sw. Socialstyrelsens) regulations and general advice, SOSFS 2011:9 and 2005:28. With the help of our management system, we can systematically develop the quality of operations and maintain a high level of patient safety.

The quality of Neko Health is ensured by:


  • Documented procedures in writing regarding, for example, journals, protocols of various kinds and checklists are available and continuously updated.


  • Annual quality report is produced for the clinic

  • Annual inspection of all medical equipment is carried out and organized training of staff on the same equipment is carried out

Deviation management, complaints and risk analysis

  • Neko Health has a common system for deviation reporting

  • Incidents that may lead to assessment according to Lex Maria (mandatory reporting in Chapter 3 of the Swedish Patient Safety Law) are reported to the operations manager for investigation

 Quality management documentation

  • The information that the business receives through deviations, risk analyses, self-checks, quality reports and investigation of complaints, shall form the basis for improvements in the management system's processes and routines. With the support of this information, NekoHealth shall therefore plan, lead, control, follow up, evaluate and improve operations

More information is available at the Swedish Companies Registration Office.

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