A better health check.Finally.

Get a thorough health check, like you've never experienced before. Receive all your results instantly and have unrushed time with a doctor to review and discuss them.

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Detect. Prevent. Relax.

Your body is constantly changing. By measuring, analyzing, and following millions of data points, we create an individually tailored overview of your health.

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Your Heart

Go beyond arm blood pressure. Get a whole-body mapping of your cardiovascular health.

Your Skin

Do a full-body examination of your skin spots and birthmarks and monitor changes.

Your Body

Your body is the key to living a long and healthy life. The better you understand it, the more you can improve how you feel.

Neko Health keeps you

ahead of your health.

Doctor-led Care

At Neko Health, doctors make all the decisions during the analysis and carefully evaluate your results to give you personalized recommendations.

Immediate Results

The results are available immediately. Your doctor will discuss them with you during your visit so you don't have to wait weeks to find out how you are doing.

Safe, Secure.

At Neko Health, you control and manage all your data. After all, it is your health.


The insights you get from Neko Health are based on personal and unique readings from your own body, not general statistics. We follow each individual change to highlight your specific health needs.

Always Updated

Our systems are developed to be continuously improved with the help of AI technology so that you always have access to the best possible care.

What are others saying?

Very happy! Pleasant and professional treatment, high-tech medical equipment and answers to examinations came quickly. At the same time, you had a long and good conversation with the doctor who was with you during the entire examination. Good and clear information.

36 years old

The front and back are scanned to detect any skin changes. Blood pressure is checked, blood samples are taken, etc. And at the end, you go through all the measured values with the doctor. This is how it should look at all healthcare centers in the future so that we can detect problems early and perhaps prevent a number of diseases.

68 years old

Very good health check with a great medical evaluation. Super fast and professional.

31 years old

Good treatment. Pleasant and professional staff. Simply very good. If I have to do a health check like this again, I will turn to Neko Health again.

39 years old

If you're ever in need of a quick and thorough health checkup, this is the place to go. A comprehensive and quick battery of tests using both well established and newly developed methods, including a full body scan for any and all birthmarks with great methods for following up.

28 years old

This completely feels like you are finally in the future in terms of healthcare, being able to prevent the most common diseases and with the advanced technology used! Really cool actually and something that will probably be a must in the future.

33 years old

The result comes quickly and you have time for a review together with the doctor. At the time, I had a borderline case of high blood pressure, and had to immediately borrow a nice bracelet to read my blood pressure with via mobile around the clock for a week. The doctor called to follow up on the results. I am very pleased.

60 years old

Very good and effective health check. The skin is scanned to find abnormal spots and all other important values are checked. I especially appreciated that at the end the doctor made a clear review of all my results and took the time to explain and answer my questions. Recommended!

52 years old

The only thing I can think of when it comes to improvement is to give suggestions on what one can do in their daily life to improve your values. Maybe this is done in other cases though, as my results had nothing out of ordinary

26 years old

Super efficient and pleasant experience to get a quick and reliable full body check-up. With a modern facility, plus all very friendly staff that listens to your needs, I can definitely recommend!

24 years old