Clinical Studies

At NEKO we always aim to push the limits of technology and science, to create the best possible product and service for our members to stay ahead of their health.

Research is in our DNA, and many data points that we collect during the visit are used in clinical trials to challenge current hypotheses and foster innovation. The trials we create are funded by us and conducted by our in-house doctors in collaboration with other world-renowned clinicians and institutions.

All the trials we conduct have been reviewed by The Swedish Medical Products Agency (Läkemedelsverket) and the Swedish Ethical Review Authority (Etikprövningsmyndigheten).

It is always voluntary to participate in our studies, but a requirement if you want to get the full Neko Body Scan experience.

Today, we have 3 in-house clinical trials. We call them Cardio Alpha, DermaFlow Alpha, and Spectrum 1.

Study Details

DermaFlow Alpha

The skin is our biggest organ that changes all the time and varies a lot from person to person. The skin often gives us clues about what is happening in other parts of the body.

This clinical trial is about evaluating the suitability of multi-modal imaging technology that virtually covers the entire body, to assess the potential of screening and early detection of disease.

The multi-modal technology is based on camera systems, which can capture high-resolution color images (visible spectrum), 3D, and thermal images (infrared spectrum).

By studying the correlation and sensitivity between disease states, gradients, and asymmetries in collected image data, the potential can be evaluated.

The examination takes no more than 5 minutes.

Cardio Alpha

Arterial stiffness is a sign of aging of the cardiovascular system, and it is strongly associated with hypertension and increased risk for cardiovascular disease.

This clinical trial is about evaluating the suitability of a novel Laser-Radar-based technology, to assess arterial stiffness and its correlation to cardiovascular risk and diseases.

Some of the data points we collect in this trial:

  • Heart sounds

  • Pulse wave analysis

  • Pulse wave velocity

  • Blood pressure

  • ECG

  • Heart Ultrasound Images

The basic examination takes about 10 minutes, and the extended one 30-40 minutes.

Spectrum 1

Most skin conditions affect and/or are caused by the skin's microcirculation (blood flow in the smallest vessels). Microcirculation in the skin is also affected by many systemic diseases, such as for example, diabetes and autoimmune diseases.

The disease of large vessels (macro-circulation) can also be caused by basic problems with microcirculation.

Today, there is little opportunity to detect microcirculatory problems early, and it is often discovered when the course of the systemic disease has gone quite far.

This clinical trial will evaluate a trial device that uses a projector to depict patterns on the skin, which the skin absorbs, reflects, and spreads depending on skin composition and structure.

Some of the data points collected in this trial:

  • The concentration of Oxy-haemoglobin (oxidized haemoglobin)

  • Deoxy-haemoglobin (non-oxidized haemoglobin)

  • Total haemoglobin

  • Oxygenation within the measured skin area

  • Water concentration within the measured skin area

  • Melanin concentration

The basic examination takes about 1 minute, and the extended one about 30 minutes. You will also be asked to provide demographic data about yourself and leave a blood test that will be used in the evaluation of this trial device.

Research Partnerships

Neko Health invests in research and supports clinical studies. For more information and collaboration inquiries, please contact us.